Innovation & Quality

With numerous patents and the only South African brand to manufacture a cable ladder system in structural steel, Strutfast supplies cable management solutions for even the most arduous applications. As the leading South African authority in cable management solutions, extreme and critical applications for major industries have been designed, tested and accepted by many global clients.

Our trusted and innovative cable management and support solutions have been serving the Mining, Oil & Gas and all other Industrial Sectors since 2001.

Our standard range of cable management solutions have been designed with ease of installation, safety and product quality in mind. A number of advanced product features allow for time saving installations resulting in significant project cost saving opportunities for the contractor on site. Efficient onsite installation is always at front of mind when we design new products or when considering new projects. We want the contractor to be able to install quickly and safely, with full peace of mind on the integrity of his installation. We use the latest 3D CAD software to provide system layouts, design new products and model specific applications. We are constantly refining and developing our portfolio of solutions.