Mechanical Clamping Systems

Strutfast has a number of strategic alliances and partnerships with Best in Class global partners, that enable us to deliver a truly world class TOTAL cable management solution to our clients. All of these partners have been specifically selected due to their values of innovation, high quality product portfolio, Research & Development, comprehensive technical support and vertical market alignment with Strutfast, ensuring a complementary fit with the Strutfast product values.


We are proud to stock the world’s innovator of steelwork clamping systems: Lindapter. Their range eliminates the requirement to drill or weld steel. In comparison to traditional connection methods, Lindapter solutions allow rapid installation, significantly reduced costs whilst preserving the integrity of the steelwork.

Lindapter products are used on many iconic structures around the world and cover an extensive range of applications, as a faster alternative to drilling or welding while also ultimately saving contractors’ time and money.

PROVEN CONNECTION SOLUTIONS: lindapter proven solutions

Lindapter range of Market applications:

Structural Engineering

Lindapter fixings are used to connect primary structural steel on both permanent and temporary structures worldwide. The brand’s exclusive and patented connection techniques are independently approved by respected international associations, with all load bearing capacities tested and verified. Third party recognition also extends to independent design guidance from SCI/BCSA, detailing the use of the Hollo-Bolt® as a primary connection. Lindapter applications include fixing of structural beams, roofing, cladding, flooring and temporary access runway beams as well as secondary steelwork installation.

Oil & Gas

Lindapter stainless steel or hot dip galvanised fixings are perfectly suited to withstand the harsh environmental forces found on offshore platforms. Applications include helideck, blastwall and deck expansion installations, whilst onshore suitability equally includes pipe support and flooring. As on-site drilling or welding is avoided, hot work permits are not required enabling both a safe and efficient installation with minimum interruption to productivity.


Lindapter clamping systems, whether steelwork fixings or bespoke product developments can be found on many of the world’s rail networks in diverse applications ranging from connecting structural steel in stations, to securing low speed lines in maintenance depots. Fast and convenient fixings are available for overhead line equipment, trackwork cable troughs, electrification bracketry, station monitors and bridge re-strengthening.


Responding to the artistic requirements of contemporary design, Lindapter has created a range of fixings to complement modern construction and façades. Cladding, curtain walls and external features can be secured to a structure with speed and the reassurance of independently approved safe working loads. Other applications include primary & secondary steelwork, balconies, staircases and handrails. Lindapter’s suitability to architectural design is further illustrated with the recently developed Hollo-Bolt® Flush Fit that enables an aesthetically pleasing connection as the fixing is concealed within the steelwork with no protruding bolt head.

Materials Handling

Lindapter steelwork fixings feature the capability to withstand dynamic loads and vibration conditions, enabling their suitability to a range of applications within the materials handling industry. Typical installations include conveyor systems, monorail supports and lifts. As drilling or welding is not required, Lindapter creates the flexibility of allowing permanent and temporary connections to be made with the ability to be easily adjusted at a later date, such as enabling a conveyor installation to be re-routed or removed without difficulty.

Building Services

Whether fixing to structural sections, hollow sections, composite decking, purlins or light steel framing, Lindapter has the support fixing to suit. Applications include the installation of pipework, HVAC systems, sprinkler systems, electrical equipment and suspended ceilings.


Types of Connections
  • Steel to Steel Connections
  • Steel Tube & Blind Connections
  • Steel Floor Connections
  • Pipe/Conduit Supports
  • Rail Clamps

Product range:

Girder Clamps

Lindapter connections and Girder Clamps are ideally suited for both new construction and the refurbishment of existing structures. Lindapter clamping systems provide a fast, cost-effective alternative to on-site drilling or welding by helping to reduce installation time and labour costs. High strength, permanent (or temporary) connections are achieved by simply clamping two steel sections together.

girder clamp girder clamp assembly

Hollo-Bolt and Lindibolt

The Hollo-Bolt© can be used as a primary structural connection. The original expansion bolt for structural steel requires access from one side only to quickly connect steel sections to pre-drilled Structural Hollow Section (SHS). Hollo-Bolts are a faster alternative to welding or through-bolting, reducing construction time and labour costs.

type hb hollo bolt type hb hollo bolt view2 type lb2 lindibolt-2

Decking Fittings

High quality, cost effective connections for securing building services. Designed to fit inside the dovetail re-entrant channels of popular composite decking profiles, Lindapter’s fixings provide a zero-impact method that avoids delamination and damage to the decking.

mf deck fittings decking fixing

Support Fittings

Lindapter provides solutions for supporting HVAC equipment, pipe work, fire protection/sprinkler systems, suspended ceilings and electrical equipment from structural or secondary beams. These easy-to-install connections are designed to suspend building services from structural or secondary beams. Typical applications include HVAC equipment support, pipe work, fire protection and sprinkler systems. Adjustable to allow a fast and precise alignment of building services.

z10 purlin clip support fixings fl support fixings sh support fixings

Floor Fittings

The innovative fixings range for securing steel flooring to the supporting steelwork without the need for on-site drilling or welding. Access to the underside is not required, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding or elevated floors. Installation can be carried out quickly and safely from above by one person.

type 1055 floor fixings type ff floor fast fixing type 1055 floor fixing

Rail Fixings

For securing rails or crane lines in low speed applications such as ground track, elevated rail and overhead gantries. These fixings are used in environments including train maintenance depots, industrial facilities, water treatment plants, dam/dockside cranes, automated warehouses and power stations.

type br rail clip rail fixings type hd soft clip rail fixings type rc drop forged clamp rail fixings

Lifting Points

Lindapter lifting points are used in a variety of industries to support the lifting and rigging of equipment. Applications vary from suspending overhead light duty audio-visual kit in theatres to lifting heavy drilling risers onto offshore platforms. Lindapter can design bespoke lifting points to your specific application requirements.

type lp4 lifting point type lp6 lifting point type alp adjustable lifting point


Lindapter Videos

Lindapter - 5 Minute Introduction

CE Approved Type AF Girder Clamp by Lindapter

Hollo Bolt HCF by Lindapter as used on the Wilshire Grand Center, LA.

Lindibolt by Lindapter

Hollo-Bolt HCF by Lindapter - The only seismic approved expansion bolt

Hollo-Bolt Flush Fit by Lindapter